#SmashedIt campaign

Client: NRICH

The challenge

Tapping into the buzz around New Year’s resolutions, and coinciding with the launch of an updated website, we needed to build and engage with a Facebook community to bring the brand to life online and provide NRICH with leverage to speak to new stockists.

Audience insight

We knew NRICH had a pre-existing core fan base of young men, primarily of African, Caribbean and South Asian backgrounds, however they were not engaged with NRICH on social media. These are people motivated mainly by fitness and activity, rather than nutrition and diet, and expect adverts to entertain them.

We knew that to attract these fans to the Facebook page, we would need to create video content that would stand out and appeal to them.

With this in mind, we created seven high-impact short videos of cans of NRICH smashing down on various unhealthy foods that people are likely to have given up for New Year’s resolutions (e.g. a bowl of sweets), encouraging people to smash their goals with the help of NRICH.

These videos were promoted throughout the month of January, along with further editorial content focussing on the #SmashedIt theme.


The videos ran as boosted posts on Facebook posts for as little as £0.002 per video view. Collectively, the videos received over 441,000 views during January, with a reach of over 1.6 million.

All videos featured the NRICH web URL at the end, leading to a 1600% increase in Facebook referrals to the website over the course of the campaign. 

One more thing

Despite the majority of advertising budget being focused on Facebook, the campaign still achieved over 100k impressions on Twitter and resulted in 168 new followers.