‘make mine Milk’

Increasing milk sales

Client: Milk Marketing Forum

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The challenge

Milk sales in Britain were in a 20 year decline. Kindred’s task was to find out why and turn this decline around. 

Audience insight

When challenged to help the Milk Marketing Forum reverse a declining trend in milk sales, Kindred identified teenage girls as the core group driving this decline, as peer pressure replaced mum’s influence from the age of 11. Fad Hollywood diets and fizzy drinks had made milk uncool. By talking to this group, we understood that to change their behaviour, we needed to create a campaign and community based around the lifestyle and language they identified with and aspired to – to successfully reposition milk over time.

We planned and implemented an integrated campaign to change attitudes towards the ‘white stuff’ and make milk cool again. The ‘make mine Milk’ campaign used the power of celebrity to communicate milk’s credentials in a language that teenage girls identified with. Our campaign spanned advertising, digital, PR and social media and everything was delivered on a marketing budget of less than £2m per year.


The market has been completely rejuvenated. Overall consumption of milk by volume has increased by 3.9% with consumption by teenage girls up by 18%. Based on the annual consumer spend of £2m, the MMF calculates that the increase in milk consumption equated to £56.6m in sales revenue, delivering a staggering campaign ROI of 28:1. Aside from emotional and rational KPIs soaring, communications targets were all hit with over 1,500 pieces of strong PR coverage generated, over 130,000 active fans attracted onto Facebook, one million content views on YouTube and eight marketing effectiveness awards received to date.

One more thing

Jay from boy band The Wanted won the celebrity Milk Challenge – he can put away a pint of milk in an impressive 3 seconds.