DECC: Power to Switch

Client: Department of Energy & Climate Change

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The challenge

A good level of supplier switching is important for the energy market to become truly competitive. The Department of Energy & Climate Change wanted a campaign to increase the number of people switching, thereby increasing competition in the market and ultimately saving people money.

A key challenge was overcoming inertia; while awareness of switching is very high, actual take-up is much lower.

Audience insight

Overcoming switching inertia is much more likely providing it’s perceived to be:

  • Simple – it’s relatively easy to change energy supplier
  • Worthwhile – there’s the opportunity of saving big money
  • Commonplace – there’s a sense that everyone is doing it

In order to succeed, we needed to create a campaign which addressed all of these points.


The “Power to Switch” campaign demonstrates that many households can save around £200 and some even more. The multi-media campaign – which included TV, posters, press, radio and digital display – was developed in six weeks and benefited from a high profile launch in February 2015.

Early indications are encouraging:

  • Website traffic increased four-fold during the campaign period
  • In just one month, more than 130,000 households switched – saving a total of £38 million

Compared with the same period the previous year, this represents:

  • An 80% increase in the number of households who switched
  • A 193% increase in total savings
  • An average saving of £312 for dual fuel switches; an increase of nearly 60%

One more thing

The light-writing effect was created using special LED orbs.

Figures based on data provided by eight Ofgem accredited price comparison websites and aggregated to protect commercial sensitivity. Data gathered between 16 February 2015 and 16 March 2015, inclusive.