Whose Data is it Anyway?

By Ellie Box / 26-10-2016

This month we launched the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Whose Data is it Anyway? Report, exploring the extent to which consumers understand how and where their data is being used by companies.   


As part of the report, we carried out research revealing that a shocking 92% of consumers do not understand how marketers, brands and organisations use their personal information and data.


Another surprising insight that came out of the research was the confessions from marketers themselves - two-thirds (68%) admitted that they are wary of sharing their own data as a consumer because they know only too well how it will be used by organisations.  


As highlighted by recent high profile data breaches, such as Yahoo, consumers are more aware than ever before about where their data is being used and how.


As part of our media activity, we delivered practical advice from CIM for marketers and businesses to help them be more responsible and transparent when handling customer data. CIM wanted to encourage businesses to communicate the benefits of data collection to their consumers, as this will ultimately result in them being able to meet their needs and interests far more effectively.


The campaign resulted in 60 pieces of coverage across national, regional and trade publications. Interviews appeared on BBC World News, BBC Five Live, BBC Today Programme, BBC Radio Scotland, Share Radio and London Live. The story was also covered by The Times, The Spectator and Business Reporter, reaching over 31 million people in total.