We helped Wanda the dog say thank you

By Calum Gee / 17-08-2017

This week we launched our Thank You campaign for GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform. We’ve been supporting GoFundMe with their UK brand launch this year and over the last few months the team have been working hard on a set of three videos that show campaigners surprising donors and saying thank you for their support.

While a huge number of donations come via personal connections to a campaigner, organiser or beneficiary, many GoFundMe donors give their money to complete strangers without expecting anything in return.

We wanted to create a campaign to thank those people.

The first video we created follows the story of a dog called Wanda. Wanda was abandoned with a fatal skin disease spreading across her fur. It was the worst case of the disease that vets had seen in 25 years. The dog sanctuary that found Wanda set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her vet fees. Within days they hit their target and gained thousands of followers who have supported Wanda throughout her recovery. She is now living happily with her new owner and has become a bit of a celebrity in the local town!

Watch the video to find out more and stay tuned for other Thank You videos in the next few weeks.