Power cut? Who you gonna call?

By Lydia Eden / 08-09-2016

Sometimes it can be easy to forget how much we rely on a constant supply of electricity until, of course, the lights go out. But when a power cut strikes – what do you actually do? Where’s that bit of paper with the number written on it?! Does anyone even know who to call?


Well, it would seem not.


According to recent research carried out with the British public, on behalf of the Energy Networks Association, 72% of Brits don’t know who to contact when they experience a power cut. 43% of us would mistakenly call the people we pay the bills to - our energy suppliers – when in fact, we need to be reporting power cuts and faults to the people who actually manage and maintain the power lines that take energy to our home – our local energy network operators.


Luckily, the days of hunting through a drawer clutching a candle, looking for the right information are over, as there is now a simple, straightforward, memorable way to be directly connected with your local energy network operator. Just call 105!


Kindred was recently tasked with coming up with a compelling way to spread the news that this new national three-digit number was being launched. Through a mixture of punchy, stand-out advertising, ongoing media relations, stakeholder engagement and social media outreach, we spread the news that from 6th September 2016 any person in England, Scotland or Wales could use 105 to contact their energy network operator and report a power cut or damage to electricity power lines and substations.


By achieving broadcast coverage on BBC Breakfast, a whole host of regional BBC programmes and widespread national coverage including pieces in The Telegraph, The Daily Express and on ITV, we shared the news of 105 with approximately 12.7 million people in the UK.


The number can be used on mobiles or landlines, no matter who you choose to buy electricity from and it is totally free of charge. More information about 105 and electricity network operators can be found at www.powercut105.com. Meanwhile, keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for bus side ads, radio ads, banner ads and mobile ads from this month.