Peace, Love & Potatoes: Kindred PR teams up with Deliciously Ella

By Lydia Eden / 26-07-2016

Who doesn’t love the humble spud? Well, in recent years this staple ingredient used in so many of our classic dinner dishes – from fish and chips, to bangers and mash – seems to have fallen out of favour with younger, ‘carbophobic’ female consumers.


How does one revive the image of this simple and well-known vegetable, which is just a bit misunderstood? This is the challenge we gladly accepted, resulting in the creation of the ‘Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side’ campaign.


In order to cause a shift in consumer behaviour and get women eating and cooking with potatoes once more, a lot of myth-busting around their nutritional value needed to take place. Rather than just take our word for it, Kindred enlisted the help of super-blogger-turned-author, healthy-eating extraordinaire Deliciously Ella. She is the voice of a new-wave of clean-eaters, creating appetising plant-based meals that would satisfy even the most carnivorous among us, whilst promoting the value of using fresh, unprocessed ingredients in our cooking.


Last week, we held an exclusive supper club event for media at Ella’s newly launched premises The Mae Deli. Ella was on hand to talk about how potatoes can be incorporated into a healthy diet, and the importance of not blacklisting an entire food group, like carbohydrates, but instead preparing wholesome meals, free from processed ingredients and packed full of vegetables. (It also meant we were able to get a selfie with ‘she of the glowing skin’, Ella herself, whilst mingling with the journalists!)


As part of her ongoing commitment to the campaign, Ella has also created a series of delicious recipes that utilise potatoes in new and exciting ways – such as spiralising them to create Potato Yaki Udon Noodles, that are ready in a flash, or using avocado to create a creamy, vegan dressing for a potato salad that is packed with greens.


Looking for some dinner-inspo this evening? Why not check out the site, created by Kindred. It’s chock-full of meal ideas that won’t cost the earth or take you hours, but will leave you thinking maybe you should start that foodie blog after all... after all, true talent should be shared, right?