Kneads must for youngsters as GBBO inspires millennial baking boom

By Ellie Scott / 25-10-2016

As an agency, we are passionate about cake and baking. Barely a day goes by without there being a cake in the kitchen for the delectation of the team – and we all love the Great British Bake Off. This led us to complete our ‘Bakenomics’ study, researching the impact of the Great British Bake Off on the British public and the baking industry.


We found (perhaps unsurprisingly) that the Bake Off is inspiring a boom in baking among the British public – more surprising, however, is that this rise in interest is particularly among younger generations.


59% of Brits are inspired to bake more by watching the show, with this figure rising to 73% among millennials. On a national scale, this equates to over 300,000 young people getting busy baking more often, and sees 25-34 year olds now baking more frequently than any other age group – with people aged 16-24 also baking more often than those aged over 55. In fact, millennials are responsible for over 594,000 additional loaves, cakes, pies, biscuits and other baked delicacies every single week during the Great British Bake Off run.


The increased popularity of baking also means a marked increase in spending on ingredients, with Brits shelling out an additional £12.5m per month during the Bake Off, a total of £31.4m extra during the ten week series. Added to this, more than £3m extra is spent on shop-bought cakes by the peckish public during the show.


Evidently, there is notable profit to be made for the baking industry from the millennial market. However, the Bake Off as we know it will come to an end with the widely documented move away from the BBC, and interest in the show is predicted to wane. This means the onus is now on food brands to maintain the popularity of baking among younger people, or on Channel 4 to do something that Chris Evans couldn’t do with Top Gear – be familiar and new in equal measure.