Kindred embraces plant power

By Eliza Nicholas / 18-04-2017

Last week was National Gardening Week, and in typical Kindred style we embraced it wholeheartedly.

With help from our horticulture client, Scotts Miracle-Gro, we have installed three large containers in the office, from which we will grow a selection of edible plants throughout the summer.

We have planted Miracle-Gro Gro-able seed pods, including a selection of herbs and tomatoes, and sown Miracle-Gro Lettuce Mix, positioning them on sunny kitchen windowsills to encourage germination and strong growth.

Aside from celebrating National Gardening Week, the project will have many benefits to the office and its Kindredites.

Studies have found that plants have positive effects in office environments, both on productivity and emotional wellbeing. By introducing greens into the office, air quality can be improved and CO2 reduced – along with dust and bacteria – which we would otherwise inhale. Office plants have also been linked to creativity boosts and fewer sickness days, as they create a generally nicer and more welcoming environment to work in. 

From May, there will be a selection of ‘pick-your-own’ edible greens available for lunches, helping us choose seasonal produce and make healthier decisions when it comes to our midday meals.