How to reach 202m people on Twitter and get 25K new followers in a single night

By James Honess / 19-10-2015

We were tasked with creating a social media campaign that would build excitement around The National Lottery making 25 Lotto Millionaires on 10 October. 


The result was a Twitter competition – giving away £25K over the course of 25 consecutive hours. The activity involved creating 25 pieces of content, specifically designed to get people dreaming about life as a millionaire. The Kindred team worked throughout the night – from 6.25pm on Friday 9 October to 7.25pm the following day. And it was well worth it. 


The activity generated over 25K new Twitter followers for @TNLUK, 67K competition entries and a Twitter reach of 202 million. 


Who needs sleep anyway?