Hipster babies take over Shoreditch

By Jennifer Ames / 16-06-2017

This month we stepped up our style and created the first ever hipster baby shoot in the heart of Shoreditch, for leading baby brand Tommee Tippee.

Teaming up with professional baby stylist Kari Nyack, nine effortlessly cool looks were modelled in and around the home of the hipster, trendy Shoreditch High Street.

Four tiny tots, including our very own Kindred babies Lyla and Ezra, donned urban outfits in celebration of the #WeanTogether campaign, in which Tommee Tippee has renamed easy weaning recipes with hipster foodie titles, such as Deconstructed Autumn Fruit Crumble (aka pear and blueberries). 

The campaign aims to show parents that you don’t have to be a hip master chef in order to create healthy meals for your baby, and empower them to make their own weaning recipes from scratch.

The incredibly cute shoot was a hit, with coverage spread across Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and over 800 shares via Mashable and a social media reach of more than 2 million.