First Mates with Snufflebabe

By Hannah Williams / 27-09-2017

Do you remember your first friend? Whether you have fond memories of sharing building blocks at playgroup, or toddling hand-in-hand around nursery, bonding with your first pal is always a formative experience. For National Friendship Day, Kindred worked with the UK’s number 1 baby nasal decongestant range, Snufflebabe, to lead a study into how many people stay in touch with their first friend, with the result coming in at 33%.

Understanding the importance of early relationships, Kindred and Snufflebabe hosted a First Mates pop-up playdate event at Vauxhall’s City Farm. Split into four sessions, babies and their caregivers were invited to play, socialise and treat themselves to cake and goody bags. A large First Dates-themed back drop was also created for the occasion, meaning parents could get some cute snaps of their little ones in front of the iconic heart-shaped background.

As the event was held on a farm, this also meant that attendees could enjoy the adorable calves, guinea pigs and baby llamas, as well as the cats that occasionally prowled by (whether the cats enjoyed it as much as the little ones did remains to be seen).

Snufflebabe also emphasised how important it is for parents to feel part of a community, which is why the event doubled as a chance for caregivers to chat to each other whilst their little ones played in a safe and fun environment. As midwife and baby expert Teresa Walsh added, “When your baby has their first cold you can be really worried and feel quite isolated. It’s really good to belong to a mother & baby group or another mummy community so you can be reassured by mums and in turn you’ll be able to reassure other mums if their baby gets a cold.”