Experiencing agency life

By Steven Zambrano / 18-08-2017

We love having work experience placements at Kindred – it’s an opportunity to nurture new talent, and to share our knowledge of the work we love to do.  One of our most recent placements writes about his experience at Kindred:

“It has been such a pleasure to gain work experience at Kindred and I have learnt a lot, working closely with the PR team. Each day was planned and I knew what I was doing with the help of my buddy, Sarah. I wasn’t sitting around waiting for time to pass as I had my own work and projects to complete, which is one of the things I really enjoyed about working here. Sarah really helped me to integrate smoothly with the work routine because she was there to guide me every step of the way, and made it very easy to ask for help when needed.

Every person who set me a task also came to talk to me face-to-face and explained it and made sure I was clear on what I had to do. Joining brainstorms and paper-reading meetings helped me to feel part of the team, and I also attended a company meeting, which was great fun as I could speak to everyone from different departments and learn more about how the agency works.

One of the things which differentiated Kindred from other work placements is that I could walk up and head to the kitchen, which may not sound like a very big thing but from my previous work experiences it can seem quite daunting because you don’t want to seem like you’re intruding. But I felt so welcomed that I was given the liberty to just be myself, which is why this work experience has been very successful.

Overall, Kindred has been a fantastic place to gain work experience.”

Steven Zambrano (Undergraduate), Work Placement 7th – 11th Aug, 2017