Comms, customers and Kindred – it all starts with audience

By Ellie Scott / 11-10-2016

Last week was National Customer Service Week – established by the Institute of Customer Service, the week is centered on the celebration of customer service, and raising awareness of the vital role it plays in business and the economy.


As a part of the media activity surrounding the week, we conducted research into the differing customer service requirements of Millennials and Baby Boomers – and found that the key difference between their service needs is communication.


Whilst both generations place greatest emphasis on email as a preferred mode of communication to contact businesses, Baby Boomers expect to be able to contact companies through telephone (84%) or face to face contact (55%), with little expectation to make contact through apps (6%) and social media (8%). Millennials favour a multi-channel approach, with significant proportions expecting contact to be possible through all modes of communication.


Of course, these findings don’t just refer to customer service in the ‘traditional’ sense – any business where there is an element of communication with consumers can take heed of this advice. From a PR perspective, our research shows the importance of a long-standing practice at Kindred – starting with your audience.


In a modern, multi-channel world, audience insight has never been more important. With so many ways to reach out with a message, it is easy to spend time, money and resources targeting whole segments of media which are never consumed by your desired demographic. As media platforms expand, evolve and change, people curate their own feed of content, picking and choosing to an extent that was impossible prior to the internet. No longer is it just a case of which newspaper someone reads.


This multi-channel environment, however, offers real opportunity. With arguably more media being consumed than ever before, there is a huge appetite for content. Provided a campaign starts from an in depth and insightful assessment of the audience, with a measured strategy to ensure media pick up in the right places, there is no better time to see real results from PR.