Christmas content encourages families to recycle now

By Jamie Bourne / 13-01-2017

Online mentions of recycling were up 15% in December compared to November, and we jumped into the Christmas recycling conversation as part of our work with the Recycle Now campaign.


Christmas is a time when plenty of waste is produced. Whether it’s bottles and cans from Christmas parties, the wrapping paper from presents, or food waste produced as part of Christmas dinner, there is an excess of things to throw away in December. Our job was to remind people how important it is to recycle during this time, and to help them recycle the right things.


To do this, we produced 20 pieces of video content to be released throughout the month to coincide with key times for recycling to be front-of-mind. We started off in early January with a handy guide to what wrapping paper to buy to make sure it was recyclable:


The video performed well, achieving over 140k video views, a third of which were organic, and over 900 shares.


We then introduced content reminding people to recycle their metal & glass around the Christmas party season, proving particularly popular on Twitter as this particular video received 124 retweets with no paid support:


Between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we launched a flurry of videos reminding people to recycle their Christmas food waste – everything from the turkey bones to the leftover sprouts can go in the kitchen caddy – generating over 90k video views for food-related content:


The benefits of our in-house content studio were truly highlighted in preparing for this busy festive period, as every video was created by our internal team of makers and videographers from our Creator-in-Residence programme.