Beats, Love and Recycling

By Becky Sales / 15-09-2017

Last week, festival spirit was well and truly in full swing for Kindred and Recycle for Wales as the #RecycledBeats campaign was announced to Welsh media.

Wales is already leading the way when it comes to recycling. The overall recycling rate is 64%, which is the third highest in the world, second highest in Europe and highest in the UK – but there’s a big push for Wales to be number one.

To launch the campaign story, we developed press materials detailing Recycle for Wales' data highlighting that younger adults are not confident in their recycling efforts and so the campaign was developed to help young adults and music lovers alike to sharpen their recycling routines. Partnerships were brokered with festivals in Wales throughout the summer, including Castell Roc festival at Chepstow Castle, The National Eisteddfod of Wales, Pride Cymru, Truefest and lastly Festival No.6 held in Portmeirion.

The campaign achieved wide ranging coverage in high reaching Welsh media, including ITV Wales, BBC Wales Today, BBC Wales online and BBC Radio Cymru and Heart North Wales.

Here are 4 ways that recycling made a difference at Festival No.6

Rag’n’Bone Man Performance

The energy saved from recycling 43 drinks cans was enough to power Rag’n’Bone Man’s musical performance on the Saturday night.

No.6 Late into the Night
Four recycled water bottles save enough energy to power a mixing console for over an hour which is long enough for Greg Wilson’s entire two hour set.

The Visuals

If everyone at the festival recycled one beer can, it would save enough energy to power the lighting on Stage No.6 constantly for over three and a half days – more than enough to power The Flaming Lips’ headline performance on Sunday night.

Returning Home

Just one recycled aerosol can saves enough energy to power an eight-minute shower which attendees will have needed after the festival!

In need of some tips yourself? Check out these top recycling tips

  1. Is it bottle shaped? Then it is recyclable.
  2. Paper – if you scrunch the paper and it bounces back to its original shape – it’s not recyclable.
  3. Always remember to recycle aerosols e.g. dry shampoo, hair spray, deodorant.
  4. If you’re ever unsure – then head to the to find out what you can and can’t recycle in your area